“Nesta Italia Incontra”: the first event

How could collective intelligence support governments’ decision-making processes and facilitate  more responsible choices?

How is the care system evolving thanks to new technologies and community-enabled approaches?

Last March, during the Nesta Italia Incontra event – the first of a series of meetings that aim to bring discussion and dialogue on the main themes of social innovation – we tried to answer these questions.

We had the honor of hosting Geoff Mulgan, CEO of Nesta and one of the world’s leading experts in social innovation, who showed us how to organize and orchestrate the collective intelligence in a conscious way and, by doing so,  fully exploit its potential. Here you can find more details and reflections about collective intelligence. For a further and very insightful view about it, we strongly recommend you to listen to the Geoff Mulgan’s audio and see the slides of his presentation available at the link below:

Nesta Italia Meets: Geoff Mulgan AUDIO

Nesta Italia Meets: Geoff Mulgan SLIDE

The second contribution focused on new scenarios in healthcare treatments. Halima Khan, Director of Nesta’s Health Lab, explained how social innovation and digital technologies are playing a central role in managing and addressing people’s care. She presented examples of innovative solutions that are contributing to improve the English health system. In-depth information about the definition of People Powered Health is available here. The slides of Halima Khan’s presentation and the audio of her speech followed by the discussion with Zoe Romano (WeMake) and Elena Como (Agenzia LAMA) on how the care system is changing in Italy and in the United Kingdom, are available at the links below:

Nesta Italia Meet: Halima Khan AUDIO

Nesta Italia Meet: Halima Khan SLIDE