DECODE Symposium 2019

Our Data, Our Future: Radical Tech for a Democratic Digital Society

01 September 2020 -  Tech for good, Arts & Culture, Social Inclusion
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On the 5th and 6th November 2019 at Nuvola Lavazza in Turin will take place the final Symposium of DECODE project. The event is organised for the European Commission by Nesta and Nesta Italia in partnership with Città di Torino, Lavazza, New Institute, TOP-IX, and is curated by Francesca Bria and Evgeny Morozov.  “Our Data, Our Future: Radical Tech for a Democratic Digital Society” is a two days event of debates and workshop about digital sovereignty, democratic control of digital economy and platforms.

The programme, themes and speakers.

After reviewing the most promising technologies for the future of the Internet (such as digital platforms for democratic participation and blockchains for personal data management) on Day One, the Day Two programme will discuss how such projects could fit into the broader context of Europe’s efforts to restore the economic and technological sovereignty of its citizens.

We will discuss some of the most urgent issues in the digital economy, such as the need to reform antitrust regulation and competition policies in light of the enormous market power of digital platforms and specifically the relationship between monetization of personal data and the right to privacy; and the geopolitics of financial technologies, questioning whether central banks should issue their public alternatives to private digital currency.

We will also discuss about  how democratise knowledge economy to implement a Green New Deal – contributing to fight climate change with an ambitious economic policy that aims at an ecological transition of our production and industrial system.

International high-level speakers will participate, among them: Robert Hockett, Ann Pettifor, Geoff Mulgan, Brian Eno, Holly Herndon, Lorena Jaume-Palasì, Paul Mason.

Check out the details at  this link.