Design Your Community | Presente Plurale

Design Your Community | Presente Plurale

01 September 2020 -  Arts & Culture, Social Inclusion
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What’s the meaning of identity in the context of a continuous evolving society? How can we rethink the narratives about cultural plurality and diversity? How can the Arts contribuite to this process?

Together with Itinerari Paralleli we will try to answer these questions through Design Your Community | Presente Plurale, both a project and a four days event which will take place at Chiesa del Carmine in Milan, from 7 to 10 October, in the context of Brera Design Days 2019.

We will explore the contemporary city’s multicultural dimension during a series of activities, such as exhibitions, workshops, performances, lectures and so on. The aim is to spark debate about urgent themes concerning phenomenas such as migrations, integration and the evolution of urban communities.

The programme

Check out the detailed programme at this link.

Access to all events is free, you just need to register on Eventbrite.