Edtech: innovation, impact, inclusion

Edtech: innovation, impact, inclusion

04 September 2020 -  Education & Future of work
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Launch event of the Italian edition of the report “Making the Most of Technology in Education Systems”, produced in partnership by Nesta, Nesta Italia and Fondazione per la Scuola.

The aim of this report is to find the answer to a series of question concerning EdTech, among them:

  • What’s the impact of  the application of technology in schools?
  • What’s the role of teachers and headmasters in boosting the implementation of innovation programmes?
  • How can Philanthropic foundations support these programmes?

Through the analysis of nine case studies – three in Italy, three in Europe and three in the rest of the world we identified both the main obstacles to the implementation of innovation programmes and the key factors for success.

Afterwards, we translate our key findings into a series of practical recommendations for policymakers, headmasters, teachers and students.

The programmes

During the event there will be the opportunity to debate with the professional who took part in the research project. You can check out the detailed agenda and register for free at this link.