Innovation Areas

Emerging technologies and social inclusion sparking innovation.

Health and aging

We want to experiment and replicate in the Italian context new models based on the "people powered health" (or "collaborative health") approach. Through the use of technology, data and collaboration, people can improve their health and well-being. Our contribution is divided into two lines of action: field research, to identify local organisations that make innovative use of technology for these purposes; plan and launch challenge prizes to test concrete solutions.

Tech for good

By 'Tech for Good' we mean the use of technologies for the benefit of people and the planet. In particular, we believe in the transformative power of technologies – new and emerging – to create value for the third sector and for society. Our goal is to consolidate the knowledge of these technologies through research and monitoring; experiment and support the most cutting-edge applications; build a network of organisations and specialised professionals, to disseminate as much knowledge and skills as possible on the subject.

Arts & Culture

The arts play an essential role in our lives, define our cultural identity and affect the economy. We want to support organizations in the cultural sector to increase their long-term social and economic impact by making new tools available to them, from financing to training. We want to encourage a greater entrepreneurial spirit, promote a culture of sustainability, the adoption of innovative business models and the experimentation of new approaches based on technology.

Education & Future of work

How can we help the new generations to be ready for a rapidly evolving world of work, under the pressure of digital? By observing and analyzing the current context we will try to understand the trends of the future; in parallel, collaborating with teachers, schools and other foundations, we will strive to encourage the implementation of digital technologies for learning and to promote the importance of creative and relational skills.

Social Inclusion

Inclusion, identity, cultural plurality, equality in access to services, citizenship: these are the focal points of the complex plot that reflects our idea of ​​community. We choose to talk about the "community of the future" because our focus is on people's ability to organize themselves and develop bottom-up solutions for local problems. It is from here that we must start to create a sustainable scenario for the collective future, for this reason our commitment is directed to collaborate with all the actors – from organisations to public administrations – to generate a concrete change in the status quo and in the dominant narrative on contexts and the most vulnerable social groups.

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