Dear all,


I would like to thank YOU for the support shown so far.

Nesta Italia was officially launched at the end of 2017. We have started the new year with a brand new team and a timetable rich of projects, events and activities with the hope of building relationships and forge new partnerships.

Nesta Italia wants to be an innovation hub for our country: a neutral platform for launching projects with a high social impact that can contribute to the creation of connections between territories and collaborations between multiple actors and organizations.

Our doors will always be open to dialogue, comparison and contamination.

I take this opportunity to present my fantastic team


Simona Bielli, Head of Programmes, comes from a three-year experience at Nesta UK to lead the activities of Nesta Italia.

Laura Sinagra Brisca, Executive Assistant, will be the backbone of the organization of our small but very busy group, also engaging artistic and cultural projects /  also experimenting with the design of cultural and artistic project.

Federica Fulghesu and Matteo Colombino, Junior project Managers, will develop our projects in the areas of education, migration and health.

Turin, Piedmont and actors from all over Italy welcomed us with love: we are ready to commit ourselves to meet the high expectations.

We are confident that we can actively contribute to this period of important changes and exciting challenges.


Marco Zappalorto, CEO Nesta Italia