S+T+ARTS project in Piedmont

With the launch of the open call “City of the future” we have started the S + T + ARTS project in Piedmont. From next week, during a series of online meetings, we will tell you more about the other initiatives planned, the objectives of the project and the organisations that have chosen to support it.

Contaminations between Arts, Science, Technology – New pathways of innovation

Friday 13 November at 4:00 p.m. (CET) we will be live for a talk organised with the contribution of  CRT Foundation. The aim of the meeting is to share experiences and models of cross-sectoral collaboration, to discover the different opportunities for dialogue between industry, scientific research and the creative sector.

How can artists and creatives then contribute to innovation? We will talk about it with Giulia Tomasello (Interaction Designer, STARTS Prize Winner 2018), Erica Villa (Head of Programming, Science Gallery Venice), Jasmina Tesanovic (Writer and Activist), Prof. Mario Rasetti (President, ISI Foundation).

Join us and sign up here.

Nesta Italia x Biennale Tecnologia

Saturday 14 November at the new online edition of Biennale Tecnologia we host a panel focused on the key role of artists and creatives in collaboration with companies and research centres for regional and territorial development. We will discuss how technology and science, thanks to artistic exploration, can contribute to promoting  sustainability, inclusion and social impact of technologies within cities.

The first part ( 2-3 p.m. CET) will be dedicated to a comparison between the visions of the organisations supporting the project in the Piedmont area and the European Commission, promoter of the S + T + ARTS project. Marco Zappalorto (CEO, Nesta Italia) meets Francesca Bria (President, Italian Innovation Fund CDP Group), Ralph Dum (Senior Expert, European Commission), Massimo Lapucci (Secretary General, Fondazione CRT and General Manager, OGR Torino), Francesco Profumo (President, Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo).

The second part (3-4 p.m. CET) will be focussed on the initiatives and the outcomes of S+T+ARTS project both in Europe and Italy, considering the experience of  MEET Digital Culture Center (STARTS regional hub in Lombardy). Simona Bielli (Head of Programmes, Nesta Italia) meets Paolo Cirio (Artist and Activist), Giannandrea Inchingolo (Post-Doctoral Fellow in Plasma Physics and Creative Scientist), Maria Grazia Mattei (President, MEET Digital Culture Center).

You can find the programme and the link to the streaming  in this page.


City of the future – Q&A

Lastly, Tuesday 17 Novembre we are hosting an online Q&A about the open call “City of the future” (organised with the support of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo and the European Commission), and the Tech Challenges.

Starting from 2 p.m. (CET) will be in live streaming together with the representatives from the companies and research centres authors of the challenges, who will answer to artists and creatives’ questions. Simona Bielli moderates the meeting with TOP-IX, ISI Foundation, Comau, CELI, Iren, Politecnico di Torino, Nexa Center.

The Q&A is addressed to all interested applicants all over Europe and will be held in English.

Join us by signing up and submitting your questions by November 10th at this link.


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