We back new ideas to tackle the biggest challenges of our time.

Nesta Italia is an independent, non-profit organization whose aim is to introduce in Italy a new approach to social innovation, already developed and tested at the international level.

Nesta Italia was founded in 2017 in Turin, with the support of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, one of the biggest philanthropic organizations in Italy, and Nesta, global innovation foundation based in the United Kingdom.

Creativity, emerging technologies, methods of innovation.

We bring together creativity, emerging technologies and proven innovation methods to find solutions to the main challenges of our time. Our team has diverse skills and backgrounds serving a common goal: backing bold ideas for happier, inclusive and connected societies.

Openness, confrontation and interdisciplinarity are fundamental values for us.

Among our core values are openness and confrontation: that’s the reason we never work alone. We work together with radical innovators, businesses, public institutions and non-profit organization to design tailor-made projects on the social challenge addressed.

Our work is focused on the intersections of diverse sectors, because we believe that there lies the opportunity for innovation, by means of the circulation of ideas, resources and different approaches in tackling problems and challenges.


Change, one step at a time


We explore emerging trend and best practices in innovation, to understand how these can have a positive impact on society. We use  both qualitative and quantitative foresight methods and we are increasingly working with new data sources (such as social media data) and experimental analytical methods (such as machine learning). 


We identify organization and innovators experimenting cutting-edge solutions for social challenges, supporting their transition towards sustainable economic models and enabling them in maximising the impact. In order to achieve this goal we will develop pre-acceleration programmes based on:


  • seed funding
  • capacity building
  • testing and experimenting


We connect bottom-up cutting edge innovations, radical innovators and change makers with top down policy, practice investors and philanthropies, to influence policy makers and mobilise capital to make real change.


We share tools, resources and experiences from the social innovation ecosystem during events at local, national and international level. We want to provide a safe space for people to confront, exchange ideas and build up collaborations between professionals from different sectors.

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Our work focus on the intersections between different sectors. There we find opportunities for innovation.

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